zerosixfour design office is a design team based in Seoul founded and lead by Sunman Kwon. We focus on connecting human to brand/product throughout valuable thinking. We care about the users’ mind and the makers’ sincere labor. so it won’t get forgotten within time. We designs span a wide variety of fields, from product to furniture and interior spaces. We create new experience with inherence through new ideas, form, color and material. We enjoy taking on projects unlike any we’ve ever experienced before.

Experience :

- Industrial design department, College of art & design, Hongik university / Seoul, South Korea (’01 – ’10)
- Alessi design workshop in Milan. Italy (’11)
- cloudandco. Seoul / Design Studio / Position : Industrial design lead (’10 – ’14)
- 일광전구 / Lighting Manufacturing Company / Position : Creative director (’14 ~)
- 064 / Design Consulting Company / Position : Founder & Creative Director (’14 ~)
- Plaselab / Local development Company / Position : Co-founder & Art Director (’18 ~)
Design services :

Total Branding
Product Design
Furniture & Lighting
CMF + Technology
Print & Packaging
Interior design
Local development

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